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Do a good job against the "epidemic" work annada in action Update time:2020-03-14     :Time to browse

  Recently, annada titanium co., ltd. has taken a variety of measures to effectively prevent and control covid-19.

  It is reported that the company since the outbreak prevention and control work, one is to enhance the prevention and control awareness, strengthen on-duty. On the basis of the original Spring Festival duty personnel, increase the strength, arrange the department personnel on duty; Raise the awareness of prevention and control, timely distribute N95 masks to all staff; Implement the daily report system of epidemic prevention and investigation for all employees of the company, make accurate statistics and timely report relevant information, and implement the daily report system of temperature detection for employees on duty; We will strengthen disinfection and sterilization in public areas, and carry out fixed-point and timed disinfection and sterilization in office buildings, canteens, bathhouses and other public places. Third, strengthen the management of vehicles entering and leaving the company. Strictly control the vehicles entering the company, the number of vehicles outside the license plate and not in the company's intelligent vehicle management system shall not enter the company. Strict registration system shall be implemented for the entry of freight vehicle drivers and foreign personnel into the company. Fourth, we will strengthen publicity and education. Use WeChat, QQ work group, communicate the city, the group and annada company about the epidemic prevention and control work requirements. Post the notice of the municipal epidemic emergency headquarters and update it timely, hang the epidemic prevention and control slogan, and create the prevention and control atmosphere; Issue a letter to all staff to remind them of good personal hygiene and self-protection. All staff are required to go out as far as possible during the Spring Festival, try not to go to crowded places. At the same time, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, scientific prevention and control of the epidemic, and effectively improve the staff's self-protection awareness and epidemic prevention ability. The picture shows the temperature of the workers in the factory.


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