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Ferrous sulfate impurity removal project won a major breakthrough in the Nobel Prize r & d team Update time:2020-03-23     :Time to browse

  At the beginning of the New Year, the manager's office meeting of nayuan science and technology materials co., ltd. was held, and the r&d team of ferrous sulfate impurity removal project led by xu xin in 2019 was awarded with a bonus of 50,000 yuan. This is the team after the development of new iron phosphate N5, another major breakthrough.

  It is reported that since 2016, the research and development center of nayuan company has cooperated with two famous universities in the province and outside the province to develop the impurity removal project of ferrous sulfate, a byproduct of titanium dioxide production. Due to the high content of impurities in ferrous sulfate and the complex composition, it is difficult to remove, and more miscellaneous items will remain in iron phosphate products in the subsequent production. As the main raw material for producing lithium batteries, the high content of harmful impurities is easy to cause the battery self-discharge, resulting in battery performance degradation, which needs to be strictly controlled. As one of the company's key projects, the project was more difficult than expected. The technology developed by industry-university-research cooperation either failed to achieve the desired effect or was not repeatable enough to be implemented in industrial production. The two universities chose to quit in the middle of the process. The partners' retreat did not stop the company's research and development team from moving forward. At the beginning of 2019, through a series of technological innovations, they independently developed a new kind of impurity removal technology, not only the removal rate of miscellaneous items can reach more than 90%, but also the production cost is low. Compared with the outsourcing of higher purity ferrous sulfate, the cost can be reduced by more than 300 yuan per ton. Since the technical achievement was put into industrial production in April 2019, it has been running steadily and has consolidated the leading position of na yuan in the iron phosphate industry.

  The research and development of this project has successfully solved the problem of purifying and removing impurities from waste ferrous in the production of titanium dioxide, realized the high-value application of waste ferrous, and produced good economic and environmental benefits.

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